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What kind of casual suits do we make?

Whether you are going to a celebration, wedding or formal meeting - quality, elegant casual wear adds a lot to your appearance.


  • Black-Tie dress code for events
  • White with a light-coloured shirt
  • High elegance

Tuxedos are a great choice for theatre performances, weddings and other events that require a smart look. The colour is usually black, but can also be made in white on request.


  • White-Tie dress code for events
  • With white vest, starched shirt
  • Most elegant menswear

Tailcoat is a double-breasted jacket ending in a "dovetail". It is ideal for men to wear to balls and formal events. However, it can also be the perfect attire for your own wedding, if the mood of the wedding and the style of the wedding dress call for it.


  • For daytime, elegant dress code events
  • Shorter in the front, longer in the back
  • Sophisticated style

Similar to a tailcoat, but with a more varied colour scheme. Also a first choice for groomsmen for weddings. Its stylish shape makes the jacket the formal wedding attire for men in America and England.

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