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Here's how to get your personalised wedding suit made

Why entrust your wedding outfit to the experts?

A wedding is one of the most important events in our lives - that's why perfection is important. With our help, you can have a bespoke wedding suit tailored to your tastes and expectations.

With the help of a style consultant, we can create a complete wedding outfit

Parts of a complete wedding outfit:

  • Suit
  • Shirt
  • Waistcoat
  • Tie
  • Embroidered pocket handkerchief
  • Belt
  • Shoes

You can wear your suit later

  • For business meetings
  • For formal events
  • Friends and family gatherings

Your tailor-made wedding suit can be worn after the ceremony for a variety of events, as we only add the accessories to make it your wedding suit. So in the future, you'll have a comfortable, tailored suit for corporate conferences or social events, as well as for meetings with friends.

You will be able to match your groom's and your wedding dress

  • Complementary colours
  • A look to match the style of the wedding
  • Total harmony

We pay maximum attention to the smallest details of the outfit matching. When choosing the fabric and colour of the suit, we suggest combinations that best suit the couple.

Wear your suit comfortably all day long 

  • Choose from over 200 different high-quality Italian fabrics
  • Your suit will be made to measure
  • We add accessories to complete your festive outfit

A suit is only perfect if it combines elegance with comfort. We can help you get your wedding suit made to measure, so you can move comfortably and confidently throughout your wedding day.

We'll dress you from head to toe in a stylish wedding suit 

  • A complete wedding set
  • Wedding accessories recommendation
  • Sized in less than 1 hour

For weddings, we recommend a cuffed sleeve shirt and a stylish waistcoat to go with the suit. We always tailor our clothing and accessories to your individual taste.

Looking for the perfect look for your wedding?

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