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What's wrong with a ready-made suit?

A retrofitted suit always loses quality

Everyone's body shape is different, which is why it's almost essential to have a tailored suit. However, minor or major size adjustments can cause a suit to lose a lot of its value. A tailored suit will never be as comfortable in both shoulder and waist measurement, or in arm length and shoulder width, as a made-to-measure suit.

Not worth it compared to a bespoke suit

The price and fit of a tailored suit is the same as a perfectly tailored suit. If you want to wear a suit made from guaranteed quality Italian fabric, tailored to you to the millimetre, then a bespoke suit means the comfort and quality you expect for the price of a new suit.

Why choose a tailor-made suit?

Comfortable to wear

  • Made to your size
  • Millimetre-precise design and tailoring
  • Everyday comfort

The most important benefit of a custom suit is maximum comfort. While ready-to-wear suits in the shops are sometimes too tight or even too big, tailor-made men's suits always offer maximum comfort.

Wide range of fabrics

  • Quality Italian fabrics
  • 100% wool
  • Blended fabrics

The surface of the fabric also determines the style of the suit. In our salon you can choose from premium wool and blended fabrics, as well as cotton and linen. Our style advisor will help you choose the ideal fabric to suit your needs.

What unique suits do we offer?

Choose any suit type, premium quality guaranteed.

Our own brand suits

  • Custom made to measure
  • In any combination of fabrics and colours
  • Fully personalised

What suits do we make?

Wedding suit

Be confident and stylish at every moment of your wedding. We create wedding suits for the grooms that perfectly match the style of the wedding, both in terms of the fabrics and the colours. Your wedding suit can be worn later for business meetings and formal events, as it is only the accessories that make a suit a wedding suit.

Business suit

A tailored business suit is the best choice for everyday wear. For business people and those who prefer a formal look, we also make comfortable but extremely stylish suits for long working days.

Classis suit

If you want a suit that is perfect for job interviews and awards ceremonies, as well as graduations and other formal events, opt for a classic suit.

Sports jacket

A sports jacket is a great choice for less formal events. Elegant yet sporty, it guarantees ease of movement and maximum comfort.

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